Healing Hands

Our Vision

Healing Hands Mission is a not for profit corporation providing medical assistance to those who need it most.

Our current mission, every June, reaches out to a small region in the Eastern portion of Guatemala.

Medical assistance
Medical Assistance

We aim to bring compassion and care without judgment.

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Medical team

With your help and the help of all those who volunteer, we hope to expand and grow our mission, reaching more of those in need.

Want to get involved but aren't able to take time off or not a healthcare provider? 

Contact us to learn about hosting a supplies drive  or pray for our patients and our missionaries!

Why Guatemala

Health indicators reveal that Guatemala has the most significant differences among Latin American countries between the various population groups with the greatest disparity and challenges among the indigenous, the rural, and the poor.

Access to Healthcare

Guatemala has the highest rate of private expenditure in order to access healthcare than any other Latin American country. This statistic is reflected in the fact that poor, rural Guatemalans must pay cash in order to receive the most basic of health care needs.

Maternal Mortality

Maternal mortality among the indigenous population is 163/100,000 live births (LB), whereas among the non-indigenous population it is 78/100,000 LB.

Guetemala child
Guetemala mother and child
Guetemala shoes
Guetemala boy


of all children are chronically malnourished (OAS, 2015).


of indigenous people live in poverty (INE, 2015).

6 million

Guatemalans are without access to improved sanitation services (ENCOVI, 2014).


of deliveries were attended by a traditional birth attendant rather than a skilled birth attendant (Garces et al, 2019)

News & Events

Investing In Hope Transforming Lives Together
Investing In Hope Transforming Lives Together

Dear Supporters,

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Newsletter Winter 2023
Newsletter Winter 2023


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Annual Appeal Letter November 2022
Annual Appeal Letter November 2022

Dear Friends,
This previous June, our team was fortunate to return to the Izabal region of Guatemala to condu...

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We can make a difference

To provide medical care to developing countries requires many hands. Medicine, supplies, and translators all cost money. We've got many successes under our belt, but we need more help, and that's where you come in. There's so much you can do to help out!
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