Healing Hands

Our Mission

As we continue to grow as an organization, we try to accomplish something new each year, whether it's providing the community with more medical supplies or finding ways to provide our patients with continuing care. This is where we will keep you updated on our plans for upcoming trips. You can also check each trip's individual page to  view all of the pictures and see what we've accomplished.

If you or someone you know are interested in coming on our mission, donating medical supplies, or have any questions, send us an email at info@healinghandsmission.com.

Upcoming Mission

2023 Mission Dates:
March 18th- 25th
June 17th - 24th 

With the help of local volunteers, we are continuing to assist our Guatemalan communities in any way we can. All donations made continue to go towards food, supplies, medicine, and medical transport. Our March Mission will consist of a smaller team who will bring "mini-clinic" to several smaller villages. The June Mission will included the full team for a larger scale clinic. 

We are hoping to create a dedicated eye-care suite to give the gift of sight to the poor of remote eastern Guatemala. 

Cooking and heating with open flames cause smoke damage to the eye. Working in the hot sun without sunglasses increases the chances of cataracts. Never visiting the eye doctor means that disease screening doesn’t happen and the visually impaired attempt to navigate life without glasses. Children drop out of school because they cannot see the print in books or the words on the blackboard. 

We hope to continue educating our patients and providing the best care possible in 2023.

Email info@healinghandsmission.com for more information.

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