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Annual Appeal Letter November 2022

Annual Appeal Letter November 2022

Dear Friends,
This previous June, our team was fortunate to return to the Izabal region of Guatemala to conduct a four-day medical clinic. On our second day, a fellow provider approached me for a consultation. I was greeted by a young mother and the patient in question — a baby that was about one month old. The baby appeared to be below
average in size and sluggish. The mother shared that the child had not been eating recently and it was clear to our team that immediate action was needed as they were suffering from dehydration, amongst other possible medical problems. We quickly started to rehydrate the baby. By utilizing our resources and relationship with the
community, we were able to provide transportation for the baby and mother to the hospital — which was over two hours away — for further medical assistance.
This upcoming year, our team would like to place an emphasis on health education and water filtration in addition to providing crucial medical care. Within the Izabal region, one in five individuals do not have access to clean water.

Lack of access to a reliable source of clean water puts individuals at a higher risk of infection, tooth decay, and chronic dehydration. By educating and supplying access to water filtration, we provide the opportunity to improve health awareness. It is our hope that by working with our patients to improve access to health education and water filtration, the communities we serve will have an improved understanding of their health and better health outcomes.
The following are examples of what would be made possible with your great contributions:
• $15.00 will pay for one blood glucose monitor
• $25.00 will pay for toothbrushes and toothpaste for the parish schoolchildren
• $50.00 will pay for a month’s supply of food
• $125.00 will pay for one typhoid vaccine

With your generosity, we have been able to provide continued services over the recent years, despite the challenges of the pandemic. While we weren’t able to be physically present during 2019-2021, we were able to provide food, medication, and wellness checks with the assistance of our in-country missionary.  To keep in touch and follow along with our journey, follow us on Instagram @healinghandsmedical and Facebook at Healing Hands Medical Mission.

My team and I cannot express our gratitude for your continued support. Donors like you are what make this mission possible. We look forward to continuing to grow our mission with your assistance.

Graham Woodward, MD