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Health indicators reveal that Guatemala has the most significant differences among Latin American countries between the various population groups with the greatest disparity and challenges among the indigenous, the rural, and the poor.

50% of the population faces poverty. Chronic malnutrition among the indigenous groups is over 66%.

Guatemala has the highest rate of private expenditure in order to access healthcare than any other Latin American country. This statistic is reflected in the fact that poor, rural Guatemalans must pay cash in order to receive the most basic of health care needs.

Maternal mortality among the indigenous population is 163/100,000 live births (LB), whereas among the non-indigenous population it is 78/100,000 LB.


Births with a skilled attendant- 29.1 % among the indigenous population, 70.2% among the non-indigenous.

Health indicators and statics regarding the amount of GDP spent on healthcare by the government of Guatemala do not reflect the disparity among individual population groups.

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