Our Missions:

As we continue to grow as an organization, we try to accomplish something new each year, whether it's providing the community with more medical supplies or finding ways to provide our patients with continuing care. This is where we will keep you updated on our plans for upcoming trips. You can also check each trip's individual page to  view all of the pictures and see what we've accomplished.

If you or someone you know are interested in coming on our mission, donating medical supplies, or have any questions, send us an email at info@healinghandsmission.com.

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Ongoing – Jewelry Drive

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May. 5th

6:00 pm – Trivia Night

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Upcoming Missions:
Mar. 24th

Spring Mission 2018

March 24th - March 31st

Upcoming Missions: Jun. 15th

Summer Mission 2018

June 15th - June 24th

For 2017 we are hoping to find ways to provide continuing medical care for our Guatemalan patients between our patients. We hope to bring with us more medication so we can give patients a few months supply of their medications as well as see more patients in our four days of clinic than ever before. One of our goals is to find a second dentist, as dental care was one of the areas our patients needed the most. We are working on developing medical kits for the midwives and providing the local midwives with further training.

Mar. 24th

Spring Mission 2017

March 24th - March 31st: diabetes clinic and making local connections

Email info@healinghandsmission.com for more information

Jun. 15th

Summer Mission 2017

June 15th - June 24th: four day clinic

Email info@healinghandsmission.com for more information

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